Message to all our dear customers

Dear valuable customers,we would like to thank all our valuable customers for their trust, overwhelming response and keeping us very busy even during this COVID pandemic. We salute to all the customers who support Local business in this difficult time. Many of our customers have supported, showed us immense trust and guided us to tackle this false rumor.

In the past week, there was a false rumor regarding Halal meat served in our restaurant. We would like to assure all the customers that we served only quality Halal meat in the past . At this moment, We bring high quality halal beef from Madina Foods and halal chicken from Sargent Farm . And in future also, we will serve halal meat. Both companies can be contacted any time to verify meat delivery. Both are very high quality and 100% halal meat companies and we have all the documents to support this. We do know the benefit of halal meat and how important it is for our good health.

With all due respect to everyone in our community, we thank you from the bottom of our heart for all the support and love. We appreciate the effort everyone takes to give us feedback so that we can improve our service and quality. Premium Hakka House Management


    Veg Thukpa $10.99


    Chicken Thukpa $11.99